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We are quickly growing, rapidly improving by using innovating ideas construction work company. We believe in having importance in priorities and that motivates us to keep moving forward in our volatile environment. Our main goal – is to achieve sustainable growth and provide exceptional comfort for our customers. We’re here with you today, so we could make a better tomorrow!

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Construction work

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Company code 302815362 PVM m. k. LT100010355618
LUMINOR bank AB: LT894010051004823671
Adress: Kalvarijų g. 333,
Mob.: +370 699 39758 Email: info@coreal.lt

Requisites Įk. 302815362 PVM k. LT100010355618

SWEDBANKAS AB: LT557300010132185816

Adress: Kalvarijų g. 333,

Mob.: +370 626 28500 E. mail: info@coreal.lt